The walls, and especially the cellar, of our landmark heritage building bear witness to a long and colourful history. Long ago, before 1717, Jacob Daniel Tepser, at that time Mayor of Vienna, had a vineyard and wine cellar located here. In 1717, he sold his vineyards to the Imperial Court and Empress Amalia Wilhelmina built a convent on the site, with an adjoining tract to serve as her dowager seat. Construction of the monastery was entrusted to the Italian architect Felice d’Allio, and its cornerstone was laid on 13 May 1717.

The Salm Bräu brewery is next to the Belvedere Castle, former residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663-1736). Today the Georgian Hall has replaced what once was a stable for the Empress's coach horses. In 1994 O. Salm & Co opened its brewery restaurant in the former servants' quarters of the Salesian Convent, where its founder, Empress Amalia Wilhelmina, had lived.


It all began in 1924 when Georg Welledits established the firm O. Salm & Co. Since then, Salm brewing equipment has been installed in 30 countries worldwide. Today, with its wealth of experience, Salm is an ambassador for Austrian beer traditions throughout the world. Whether you travel to Japan, China, Europe, South Africa, Brazil or Tunisia, you will find beer that has been brewed using Salm's techniques and Salm's choice of ingredients. O. Salm & Co., with its Salm brewery, is one of the few brewery equipment manufacturers to not only apply its accumulated experience to a brewery of its own, but also to pass that experience on to its clients.

Thus 85 years of experience are reflected, in both its brewing equipment and in the beer produced with that equipment. Since the brewery restaurant opened in 1994, Salm Bräu has continually trained master brewers and brewery technicians from many countries in the world.