Our Brewing Equipment has been manfuactured from our own factory. Salm & Co is one of the world´s oldest brewery machine manufacturers. The small industrial breweries and micro breweries have been manufactured since almost 25 years. The Know how, the experience from practical operation and our technology gurarantee for best beers at nearly 100 plants all over the world. Our brewhouse has a capacity of 16hl per brew, is been heated with the patent protected external mash- and wortheating system and guarantees a beer flavour, which is not been effected by the influence of machinery. The brewing time is normally 7 hours. Water from the mountains near Vienna and malt are been mixed together at the brewkettle, this mixture is called mash. This mash has to undergo a time/temperature process with 0,1°C accuracy, will be filtered in the Lautertun (lautering process), this filtered liquid, called wort, runs back into the mashtun, now used as a wort tun and will be finally boiled. During this wortboiling process, under pressure with the external mash- and wortheater, the hops will be added. After the wortboiling process the wort leaves the worttun and will be pumped into the whirlpool, filtering the wort from proteins and hops remains, using the centripedal force as a result of rotation. After 20 minutes whirlpool rest time, the wort cooling process starts, takes about 50 minutes to cool the wort from 96°C down to 10°C in two stages.

The cold wort, mixed with air at the aeration unit at the outlet of the wortcooler, this cold wort will be injected with liquid yeast and leaves the brewhouse to the fermentation- and storage cellar through a corridor pipeline. In one of the 3 fermentation tanks the wort will ferment most of it´s extract. At this time, we are talking already about "young beer". The postfermentation or storage process takes another three weeks, where the young beer carbonates naturally under a counterpressure of appox. 0.9bars. It builds it´s stable cream, softens in taste and flavour and receives it´s final flavour. This beer is now naturally carbonated and a little cloudy due the yeast and leaves the fermentation- and storage cellar through a corridor pipeline into the pressure tank room. In this room are 6 pressure tanks for 3 bar. This pressure is needed to push the beer with the necessary pressure to the taps. A special "beer bag technology" permits the use of ordinary compressed air instead of artificial CO2 or Mixgas, keeps the beer inside this compressed bag, which is inside the tank under steril conditions and protects the beer from the gas. When the beer arrives at the taps, it will be exposed to air/oxigen and higher temperatures the very first time.

As long as the beer is protected in the pressure tanks, jacket cooled and isolated, it can be stored there for up to 12 weeks. The most serious enemy to naturally carbonated unfiltered beer are bacterias, oxigen and heat, that´s why a suffisticated tap system with a special chilled multihose system has to convey the beer from the pressure dispensing tank to the taps. A simple flowchiller just before the taps and keeping the kegs uncooled would immediately damage the beer. The beers at Salm Braeu as well as at all other Restaurant breweries, equiped with SALM Brewery Plants are in "Zwickel-Quality", natural, unfiltered, unpasteurized, without any additives and naturally carbonated.

Brewery Courses

From time to time, when we don´t have to train our new customers brewers, we offer the possibility to join our brewmaster for a brewing day, to learn about the secrets of brewing perfect beers, just ask our brewmaster about availbility.

Beer to go

On request we are please to fill your favorit beer into our beautiful Syphon-bottles with ceramic cap. Please note, the beer is unfiltered and has to be kept cold at all times, it is not recommended to take it on a long trip.